Chapter 8 Chevron kits 

We offer a bespoke supply and installation service of fully compliant Chapter 8, Prismatic or Engineering grade chevron kits. All major vehicle types available as full or part coverage. 


Engineering Red or Prismatic Red? 

Engineering grade red is a flat reflective vinyl which is less reflective than the Prismatic vinyl option. Engineering grade red vinyl should only be used on vehicles that won’t be working on Motorway roads. 
Prismatic grade (sometimes called Diamond grade) reflective red is the preferred material, due to its higher reflective values. It is required for all vehicles working on motorways. 

Flooded Yellow 

The term ‘Flooded’ refers to chevron kits where the entire section of a panel is covered in the yellow fluorescent vinyl. The reflective red sections are then installed on top of the yellow material. This the preferred method for fitting Chapter 8 Chevrons. 
Red and Yellow reflective strips are fitted as separate pieces.  
Please note - All vehicles should be fitted with ‘High Visibility Markings’ if they are stationary on a 50+ mph road for purposes of work or inspection. 
If vehicles are carrying out maintenance on roads, then an additional sign is required reading ‘HIGHWAY MAINTENANCE’, if the work is strictly on motorways then ‘MOTORWAY MAINTENANCE’ is accepted. 
Ford Connect, Prismatic Chapter8 Chevron Kit
Prismatic Chapter 8 Chevron kit
Prismatic Red flooded Chapter 8 Chevron kit
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